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This Savy Girl Looks Expensive for Less

It’s that time of year again, wedding invites, charity-event galas, bridal showers, bach parties, you name it. Invitations that require you to dress up. Sometimes I can pull something out of my closet that I haven’t worn in a while, and that still fits. What do you do when the invitation requests you wear a particular color. Buying a brand new dress to only wear once isn’t in this frugal girl’s budget.

The secret I have for not only wearing brand-name’s I could never afford, but wearing outfits that are affordable and get me lot’s of compliments is using: Rent the runway.

The first dress I rented from RTR for free

Want to try it for free? Use this link to get $30:

They have an app that is very easy to use. When you are finished wearing the outfit, you just return it to a fed ex office and mail it back in the bag they shipped it to you in. No dry-cleaning required. Also, they send you 2 sizes of the dress you want just in case it doesn’t fit. This is my favorite way to save money and look like a million bucks at events.

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