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Sneaky Hotel Parking Hack

Imagine this, you saved up enough money to spend a few days out of town. If your trip was to Orlando, Florida then you’ll learn that the hotels love charging additional fees for things like “resort” and “parking.”

Recently I booked a nice hotel on Priceline across the street from the Universal Studios theme park. When I checked in, I was informed that parking is $23 a day!

I was staying for 3 nights so at a minimum I would have to pay $69 just to park my car.

Are you ready to know my savvy trick to avoid paying bogus parking fees?

Park behind a restaurant in a nearby shopping center.

Did you know? Most of restaurants do not tow vehicles parked over night.

Why? They don’t want customers to drink and drive.

I dropped my partner off at the hotel entrance with our luggage. Then I parked next door at the shopping plaza. This plaza has a Starbucks, 2 restaurants, and connected to Budget inn hotel. Then I walked to the hotel.

There were other people walking from the shopping center to my hotel. I fit right in with them.

When it was time to check out. I walked over and pulled up my car in the front of the hotel so my partner could load our luggage.

What are your thoughts on this sneaky way to save money on hotel parking fees?

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