Savy Girl Way to Save Money on Contact Lens

Chances are you clicked on this article because you know how expensive contact lens can be. When I first started wearing contacts I was clueless about how to save money buying them. I let my eye doctor talk me into buying some from him. I paid $120 just for a one month supply!

While shopping at Costco, I saw an ad in the optical department for the same contact len brand I was using. Ordering from a big company like costco was easy. First of all you need a costco membership. You can go online and order your contacts right from home. I did have an issue with costco obtaining my prescription from my doctor. To avoid waiting time, make sure to get a copy of your prescription from your eye doctor. This option cut my contact cost right in half!

Another option and even cheaper way to have contact lens is by trying generic. A coworker told me about hubblecontacts.com. They offered a sample week for only $1. I wasn’t sure if I would like the contacts and didn’t trust they would be easy to cancel. So I uploaded a visa giftcard that had a couple dollars on it. This helps avoid any additional charges. My contacts shipped immediately and they were great! I now pay $36 a month, and I can delay the monthly delivery if I want.

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