Heal a canker sore fast!

I am the lucky type of person who often gets canker sores. Canker sores, also called Aphthous Ulcers. Are very painful sores that appear inside your mouth, lips, cheeks, gums or even on the tongue. They are painful, especially when eating or speaking.

If you have had a canker sore, then you know how much it sucks. If you haven’t don’t be alarmed, it’s quite common and you’ll likely have one during your lifetime.

My most recent painful canker sore. It worsened when I accidentally bite on it when eating.

Causes of canker sores include: certain foods like citrus or acidic fruits; ie pineapples, figs, strawberries etc. Sharp tooth, braces, or dentures. Health problems like vitamin B-12, iron deficiency or Crohn’s disease. For me, dehydration is usually the culprit.

So how do you treat a canker sore? Most canker sores clear on their own in a couple weeks. But you can have your doctor prescribe a mouth rinse containing steroid dexamethasone to reduce pain. Or purchase an oral medication like Orajel.

OR you can try the homeopathic treatment I just discovered

My most recent canker sore was the worst! See photo above. I was eating something and bite right down on it! This made it swell up and made it hard to speak. I needed a quick solution to heal this sucker. Normally, I let the canker sore heal on its own. This takes days and days. But this time I decided to research a homeopathic recipe. I combined equal parts of Peppermint oil, and Eucalyptus oil in coconut oil. Then applied liberally to the sore. The peppermint oil helped numb the sore, while the antiseptic benefits of eucalyptus oil helped the healing.

My Homeopathic Canker Sore Treatment

It took only 2 days for my canker sore to vanish! This is just another great use for essential oils other than conventional uses.

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