How a Savy Frugal Girl save’s $900 a year on salon visits

I started going to the salon for highlights several years ago. I loved how much the blonde brightened my skin and made my eyes pop. I also noticed the increased attention and compliments I got compared to when I rocked my natural boring brown hair.

However, I could not afford to see my colorist every 4 weeks for new highlights. Not only was a $100 or more visit out of my budget, it was a burden as a college kid to spend two hours each time at the salon.

So I taught myself how to do my own highlights for a fraction of the cost.

What I use:

  • I buy Beyond the Zone Radical Bleach kit from my local beauty supply store. $10.99
  • I buy an industrial pack of foil sheets. This will last me over a year. $9.49
  • I have purchased a plastic colored mixing bowl. This is a one-time cost since it can be re-used. $3.99
  • I recommend buying a weaving comb with a pointed metal tail. This is for weaving the highlights. $5.99
  • A toner to neutralize any orangeness $5.99
  • A deep conditioner $1.49

I begin by parting my hair naturally. Then I mix the powder with the developer (included in the bleach kit). I only mix about 2 oz of each at a time. This is so the bleach doesn’t lose it’s strength by the time I get to the next section.

I start with a small area near my ear. I weave a small section, and then separate the hair I will highlight from the rest. Then I make a part about an inch above, and repeat.

By the time I have finished my partial highlights. I clean out the mixing bowl of bleach. And clean the brush. I wait approximately 20 minutes and then I open one foil to make sure my hair has gotten to the level of blonde I want.

Next, I mix the toner and developer in the mixing bowl. And then I jump into the shower with foils still in place. I rinse my hair, and pull the foils out at this time. Once the bleach is rinsed out I start applying the toner right onto of my wet hair while I am still in the shower. I leave the toner on for about 5 minutes then rinse.

My hair will feel very dry, brittle and porous. So now is when I apply the deep condition packet I bought at the beauty store. I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes and rinse.

It has taken me many trials and errors to get this process correct. Be careful of “bleeding” the bleach. Or you will have a skunk-like hair do.

When I tell my friends that I did my own highlights they are floored. I have even highlighted some of my girl friend’s hair.

This hack has saved me hundreds of hundreds of dollars and many hours commuting to the salon and waiting.

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