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A Savy Frugal Girl Knows How To Get Paid

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This isn’t going to be a memo on how to get money for answering surveys, or anything like that. I have literally tried them all and in my opinion they don’t pay. Or were not worth my time. I once answered a 30 minute questionnaire in hopes of making some bucks. Instead I got .10 cents. And the website doesn’t pay out until you reach $20! It was a wasted of my time.

Earn cash back on everyday purchases

There are 2 apps I use to get money back on my purchases. It’s a non-negotiable that I will spend money on groceries. After all, a frugal girl still gotta eat! I love using Ibotta to get rebates for my grocery store purchases.

Visit Ibotta and instantly get $20 just for signing up!

You will find many grocery stores like Kroger, Publix, and department stores like Walmart, Target and Costco etc. You can cash out your rebates instantly to your paypal account, bank account or elect to receive it as a gift card to your favorite store. All you do is go shopping like usual. When you get home search the store you visited and check if anything you purchased has a rebate. If so, it will tell you how much of a rebate (typically anywhere from .25 to $4) then the app will have you take a photo of your receipt that uploads easily and quickly.

I have been using this app for about 3 months, and have already cashed out over $60.

The other app that has given me even more cash back is Rakuten. How does an extra $25 sound right now? Click Rakuten and sign up now!

The way it works is, businesses pay Rakuten for driving traffic to their websites. So when you are online shopping, go to your Rakuten app first, then select the business you want to shop at. Different stores refund you a certain percentage back. Today, you get 3% back when you shop at Macy’s.

$52.25 is how much cash back I have gotten this year on my purchases.

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